Death Valley is more alive than ever 

Death Valley is more alive than ever 

Someone once told me that Death Valley (a road that connects two states: Nevada and California) is not worth spending several hours on it, especially in summer in the 90-100 degrees heat. It was a weird statement and completely wrong.

The road through Death Valley is mesmerizing, grounding and exciting.Streams of hot air seem to "nail" you to the ground: either to the road on which you are driving, or to the sand and stones around.  At first glance, it seems that there is nothing alive around. But moving away from the perfectly flat, freshly laid asphalt road into the desert, you see how diverse and interesting the flora and fauna of these places are.

The valley acquired the status of a nature conservation area in 1933, and before that it was one of the “mecca” of the times of the golden fever. Just imagine gold diggers in some 1850 year, working non-stop in 100 degrees heat under the scorching sun without a shadow, without cars and other benefits of "civilization"... It seems to me that some souls of these hard workers and adventurers still “walk”  in the desert in search of gold. And only expelled from there, the ancient tribes of the Indians knew the secret of survival in these places in harmony with nature.

The Valley is also home to the lowest point in North America, the Badwater Basin, where, incidentally, the hardest running marathon of the year begins.The Valley is also famous for the "Sliding Stones" of the dried up Racetrack Playa Lake. Huge stones "move" along the crater of the lake without anyone's help.  Only the trail of movement stretches behind them for several tens of meters.  Scientists, of course, tried to find an explanation for this geological phenomenon with the help of ice, but even without them, the feeling of living energy in these places is undeniable.

In a place like Death Valley, willy-nilly, you become a part of living nature, the world and their energies.  If you are ready, you can feel the incredible vibrations of the universe, opening up limitless possibilities for all that exists.  And for those who practice meditations and Reiki - this is another place on the “must visit” list, among other magic places on our planet.What is the most unusual thing you have seen in nature?

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