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"There's your way. There's my way. But there is no right way." Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Reiki, Access Bars® or ThetaHealing® sessions are designed to help people to feel better in their lives, transform negatives beliefs and learn the feelings that will help them live a fuller life.

Individual sessions can be focused on the following issues:

lack of faith in oneself, low self-esteem, rejection of oneself and others psychological / age crisis

difficulties in building relationships, crisis in family relationships, conflicts with children/parents

difficulties in building goals, correct and effective planning

emotional experiences or oppressive feelings (guilt, resentment, shame) fears, phobias, anxiety

stress, divorce, loss of a loved one

questions about the meaning of life, purpose, self-realization

beauty and health, psychosomatic diseases

elimination of unnecessary connections of the past (with ex-partners, friends / girlfriends, failures and failures)

You have to choose one request for one session and be able to word it. It can be a situation, psychological state, a feeling or emotion.

Depends on what holistic approach you choose for your situation the sessions performed differently. Theta Session, for example can be conducted in person or on-line (WhatsApp, FaceTime, Telegram), while Access Bars® and Reiki sessions are only in-person. They are not a religious or magical rituals. It is either work with negative subconscious programs and beliefs or with the energy centers and Universal Energy.

Sometimes people are afraid that they will get into their subconscious and change something important in there. In all practices we always ask a permission to change beliefs or teach some feelings. You and only you decide what to change in yourself. Everything is as transparent as possible.

Absolutely not. These holistic approaches are for everyone in the world. The only thing is necessary is desire, time for a session (60/90 min) and open mind. You don’t need to practice or do anything before the sessions. 

As in any other approaches in the world everything depends on requests and individual responses to the practices. For a lot of people one session of ThetaHealing® is enough while Access Bars® and Reiki are even more beneficial if you are doing it several times.  
mind. You don’t need to practice or do anything before the sessions. 

Confidentiality: Complete confidentiality / non-disclosure of your personal data, life situation and emotional experiences.

Voluntariness: I only accept those who want change and are ready to take active action.

Free of judgment or criticism: Your situation is considered objectively and without judgment.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you did not find an answer to your questions here!

JenniferJanuary 2020
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"Just wanted to report that I continue to feel better and also experiencing little "sparks" of creativity. This last thing is particularly amazing".
MarinaMarch 2020
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"This Access Bars session was deeper than any other meditations I had recently. You made me feel calm and safe. I finally was able to relax..."

Maria MLife. Certified ThetaHealing® & Access Bars® Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master, member of Natural Healer Society, Natural Rejuvenation Solutions Coach. Minor in Industrial Psychology, 50+ personal development courses, NLP Adept, Dr. Joe Dispenza follower. 300+ client sessions.

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