Learning to be alone

Learning to be alone

Learning to be comfortable with being alone is the first step to knowing yourself and your desires so that they begin to come true. Please feel, listen, hear and take care of yourself.

Many people start caring for others without having enough resources to do so. Living for the sake of others sounds noble.  But not many do it because of an excess of love and energy. Most take on the role of a martyr, expecting praise and approval in return. You may convince yourself and people around you of your altruism, but the energy accompanying your actions and deeds will give out your true intentions. The gratitude will not come. The result will not meet your expectations.

Those who genuinely care about themselves, their health and development can give to others so much more. Acting from energy excess is one of the keys of Reiki practice.⠀For those who are not familiar with Reiki, there are simple ways to restore the state of calm and fullness of life:

Walk alone in the park or the streets and let your thoughts run free

Be alone in nature: listen to birdsongs, crowns of trees, the sound of wavesour thoughts run free

Try not to think about anything for at least 10 seconds a day. Try it - you will realize how difficult it is.

Listen to music at different Hz.  For example, 852 Hz is the awakening of intuition, 528 Hz is a signal for recovery and healing.

And, of course, meditate.  Sitting, lying down, walking - whatever you like.

How do you enhance your energy?

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