On the road with the wind in the sky

On the road with the wind in the sky

As a child, in the summer, if I woke up early enough, from the window of the house I could see colorful balloons flying over our city - Tsarskoe Selo, which is near St. Petersburg. Dad always called me if he noticed them first. We looked out the window and it seemed that the people on these balloons were living very special life and that they were real daredevils!

Every time I later saw balloons in the sky, I always remembered my childhood nostalgically. And also the moment when my dad brought me the books of Jules Verne including "Five weeks in a Balloon."  Of course, a 10-year-old girl was not waiting for such a gift for her birthday, but I still read the book.

 A year ago, I wrote "balloon ride" as one of a hundred items on my wish list. And I happily forgot about it until this thought returned to my head a few days before the trip to California.  Everything turned out in the best way.

If you think that flying in a hot air balloon is scary, don't believe your fear. There has never been anything smoother, easier and more natural way to go up the air. You soar like a feather above the ground, plunging into the sky with the wind. You don't feel the wind: it envelops you and protects you from fear. You become part of the world.  Very easy and harmonious.

Now fear has taken over many people. They are afraid of travel, illness, bankruptcy, communication with people, adventure.  People are afraid of life. And it flies away with the speed of the wind.  There, in the sky, you very clearly understand your fleetingness in this world, which depends only on the blowing of the wind.  Sun, clouds, mountains, seas ... We are just a flash.

LIVE WITHOUT FEAR!  Open up new horizons, dream, make wishes come true, travel, love, take care of nature. Take off those masks of fear and fly to your dreams!

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