Life without toxic chemicals and plastic waste

The ideal world

Just imagine for a moment that you don't have to buy cleaning and sanitizing products anymore. That you don't have to wear gloves cleaning your house because your cleaners and sanitizers are 100% non-toxic and pure organic. That you can use 3-4 times less soap and laundry detergent just by adding some water to it.

How do you feel about low tox home? Laundry, clean kitchen surfaces, pots and pans, dishes, bathroom, baking trays, sticky labels, oven cleaning, windows and mirrors cleaning, fabric softening… Imagine, that you can clean off pesticides and some toxins from your produce: fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, nuts, rice, all the grains and dried fruits - and restoring its original taste!

That you have a lifetime supply of face tonners, hair conditioners, makeup removers, face washers and oil emulsifiers, and even pet care products. That you have a hypoallergenic way of treating sunburns, acne and psoriasis. How much plastic will your stop buying after that?

What if I tell you that your cooked food can taste like coming from the menu of the best restaurants without adding extra spices in it?

And what if I tell you that for all of those things you just need one small medical grade machine which electrically transforms your tap water pH into different types of ‘potential of hydrogen’ water right next to your sink! And yes. This is the same machine which makes healthy, ionized, hydrogen rich, alkaline tasty water! There are more than 50+ uses of water from this machine. One machine can beat most of the plastic waste of your household and can make it toxic free. This is what I call Self-Care!

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