What scientists and doctors think about Kangen Water®

AlexJuly 2020
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"Can't imagine my life without alkaline water. All my life I had psoriasis all over my body. Started to drink 9.5 water three months ago and sprayed 2.5 and 6 on the skin. Psoriasis disappeared. Could not get better results with any other treatment."
NatashaNovember 2020
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Being a personal trainer I'm always into healthy diet and quality of drinking water. This water just changed my life and my sport achievements. My digestion is better, my energy level is higher and my muscles doesn't cramp anymore."
KaterinaAugust 2020
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"Вода - просто чудо. Чувствую себя здоровее, моложе и лучше с каждым днем! Раньше пить совсем не хотелось никакую воду, а теперь с удовольствием пью вкусную воду из аппарата!"