Which city are you?

Which city are you?

New York is the City of Contrasts. It’s a cliché and the truth. I tacked among the glass and concrete of skyscrapers listening to the steady noise of trains in 90 degree heat. My head was spinning from traffic, fights for yellow cabs, the smells of fried chestnuts and sausages. OMG! I just dodged mustard dripping from someone's hot dog!  “Brownian motion” of residents and tourists forced me to run to Central Park. A wonderful oasis of calm, where you can enjoy the shade of green foliage by the lake. A few more blocks and I was there. Inhale, exhale. Peace and serenity.  Without this park, Manhattan would literally be a concrete jungle. And so there is a balance of achievement and relaxation, architecture and nature, noise and silence.

So it is in life. When lying on the couch - there will be no results. And when running toward goals at breakneck pace you can stumble and fall. The balance of our energy determines success in all areas of life.  It gives strength and the world opens up opportunities.  I maintain my balance with the help of Reiki and Access Bars®️

So which city are you? Crazy versatile New York, or poetic and a little depressed Saint Petersburg (Rus)? Or maybe you're the super modern and tech Tokyo? Or romantic Rome?

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